Monday, February 16, 2009

Trail ride

Today a friend and I took Link and Sonny out on a trail ride (trails encompassing a ride around the hay fields); it was an absolutely gorgeous day out, -12C when I left but with the sun shining down brilliantly on the white snow. Both horses were like kids in a candy store, so excited to get out beyond the norm! Sonny was a little RB at moments and tried to slowly take off a couple of times, however my friend was able to slow him down and relax him as the ride progressed...nothing major. Link however became a little more RB at times, to the point where I dismounted and walked with him for a short ways. Otherwise he was great - I actually rode him in the Parelli hackamore, just he tended to jig a bit as well as bounce. I could feel his frustration at times (he was kicking out and doing little rears as well as tossing his head), which is where my dismounting came in :) He did alright though, particularly in the end where I was able to ride him home on a loose rein. Just a short ride, but hopefully with more work on the two of them we can get out for longer periods of time in a safe manner!! It was a fantastic day though - we saw up to 30 deer within one herd as well as two coyotes!

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