Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because we all love going deaf

Today's day started off with a quick 30 minute session with the BAM (Big-Ass Mare). I wanted to reinforce what we went through yesterday - earning trust, without pushing her. I really wanted to create more "draw", have her want to be with me. Her leading was great, she followed me today on a loose lead without any hesitation whatsoever...so...progress a bit in the trust department. I dusted her off some before tossing some ropes over her for the rest of the session. By the end, she was fairly calm and relaxed...as much as she was ever going to be anyways (lol). I am hoping to spend a lot of time with her tomorrow - have some undemanding trust-earning time to start off, complete all 7 games, then perhaps get her introduced to my western saddle. Might as well start working on some things simultaneously.

Today was session one with each of the two new fillies, Havanna and Vienna. Both are rising three-year-old QH fillies, one a buckskin (Havanna) and one a red roan (Vienna). Photos tomorrow hopefully. They haven't had anything done except some desensitizing (saddle included) and halter-breaking. They're being kept the same place as Link and Sonny, with the indoor arena.

Well it turns out Little Queen Bee (LQB) is definitely lacking in both ground manners and respect. A round pen really would have been useful today! LQB was extremely distracted throughout, which was to be expected, but her lack of respect and ground manners meant that her distractedness would result in my being run over. More than once. She's quite the bully - when she wants to go somewhere, or if she doesn't want me on her right side (...often), she just takes that left shoulder and runs me over with it. She's pretty fancy with that head of hers, with keeping me away from that right side! To make matters worse, there were three riders in the arena today to further distract her! Haha. I have to admit I was pretty ticked off when I was finished with her (I don't know about the next person, but I don't particularly care for being mowed down by an insolent toddler lol), but she did do okay overall and hopefully tomorrow there will be less distractions so we can get more done! She is quite sensitive (such as in her porcupine game) though so once I've earned her respect she should be a quick learner!

My new Little Roan Filly (LRF) was better than her counterpart, despite her lack of ground manners and respect as well. She pushed me over quite a number of times with that chunky shoulder of hers. On the other hand though, LRF didn't have the attitude that her buddy LQB had, she seems much more willing. She was quite herd-bound though! She is definitely the follower of the group, with LQB the dominant leader (today I came out to find the two lording over the hay piles haha). This is how I nearly went deaf...LRF Vienna screaming incessantly in my ear. Hence the title of this post. Same as Havanna, Vienna and I got through 5 of our 7 games together (two riders in the arena with Vienna and I). Hopefully tomorrow is a better session with more progress and less distractions!

Link, my favourite partner, didn't get much more than a good visit (and a few-too-many treats) today....as silly as it sounds, I was much too tired and frustrated after being stomped and trampled by the two new three-year-olds to work with another horse, so called it an early day. Tomorrow :)

Completely off-topic, but I am currently watching The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. Not only is it extremely well done (filming, acting, etc), but it is a very powerful film. Very heart-sickening, but also very good, and profound.

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