Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wieeell, looks like Koolaid might be leased out for sure, though I won't have confirmation for another day or so. I also had someone (we'll call her S) come in and try Link out today! She was quite soft and gentle with him and while I felt she had a lot more experience behind her than I, there were a few other ideas/training thoughts she had that I wasn't sure about/didn't agree with. However, I did not feel that any of it was harmful to his training/health/well-being. I threw a million-and-one questions at my instructor today though and asked for some good dressage books to read ;)

Link worked well today, though I only rode him for about 15 min after a couple minutes of groundwork (during which he cantered nicely in either direction!). He was fairly relaxed, though not fully of course after only 15 minutes of warm-up, lol. We did a little canter as well - Link actually picked up the RIGHT lead again on the LEFT rein! Haha. He picked up the right lead on the right rein too, which was fabulous. I just need to work on suppling him on both sides equally now, as his left was a little stiff again. It was nice seeing Link work from the ground though today, as I was able to see a bit how he was crooked, but also how far along he is coming. S did well on him though he did not loosen up quite as much with her. I felt a bit disappointed after S rode him though, as she did not really give neither me nor Link much credit when he did not work as well for her as he does for me. Furthermore, we're both still learning and he's in the basic stages of being developed yet as I get into the dressage realm of things. Ah *sigh* I felt better after talking to K (albeit just a little), lol.

Mom had a lesson on Sonny today and both did fantastic together! Lots of w/t, including some trot where both parties were relaxed and where Sonny looked great ;)

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Blue Roan Pony said...

If you looking for good dressage books, I would recommend Sylvia Loch books. She is very good. I especially love her book The Classical Seat. It covers eevrything about the rider's seat :)