Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy (belated) New Year!

Just a little general update! My work season will not end until sometime in March or (hopefully!) May, so until then, my time with the horses will remain as limited as it has been. BUT, it is relatively temporary, especially in the grand scheme of things :)

Silver's lessee's recently decided to move several hours away and as such, asked to purchase him; instead, we will work out a long-term indefinite lease whereby he is essentially theirs, but we maintain rights over him should they ever need to give him up. He is very fit and happy though with his lessees and we can't hold onto every horse we have ever owned, so it was a win-win whereby everyone is happy. Link and Onyx continue to be ridden when possible, by me, by a friend, and by the 11yo (?) who also rides Sonny with her dad. Both have done well and continue to improve: Link is now fairly consistent with his leads, his canter is no longer rushed, etc etc, and Onyx is proving solid under her youngest rider. Sonny is doing so well and looking all the part of a hunter; his two riders are hoping to even show him this spring! I do have a potential lessee for Soraya (breeding lease) however I am still toying with the idea and may not send her out on a breeding lease afterall. The situation requires a lot of thought. Phoenix thus far seems to be MUCH more sound now that he is on the Previcoxx, though he is still not rideable of course. So far so good though and we will re-evaluate in a few months.

Otherwise, all is about the same and nothing much new to report! Just waiting until spring when our work season ends to get some work in on the horses, at which point it will be super dedication to furthering Link and Onyx and Soraya. Crossing our fingers too that all goes well for Phoenix. I am also hoping to take on some client horses in the spring, but that will depend on what my work schedule is like when I pick up work around home. So, I am probably going to refrain from blogging until I actually get back to serious work with the horses, though I may toss in the odd update here or there if it is particularly exciting! Until then, adiosa and good luck :)

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