Saturday, June 20, 2009

New bit for Silver!

On my way up to Slave Lake yesterday I stopped in at KC Saddlery in Red Deer (just along the QEII highway) for some browsing. WOW they've got a ton of bits! I spotted a number I really liked for Silver, but this one (below) is the one I thought most appropriate for him at the's almost exactly what I was looking for. As our level increases we'll increase the bit to refine the communication, but I feel like this one might be the perfect transition bit into curb work. I was pretty excited to find it!! So, here it is:

The shanks aren't anything overly fancy, but they're nice and should look good in the parade, which is a bit of a bonus. It's labelled a FG Futurity Bit. It's got a low port for some tongue relief (but less bar pressure), curved short shanks, a roller for play, sweet iron inlay, a little bend/shape to the mouthpiece to wrap around the horse's mouth, and independant movement of each side of the bit via swivel joints on either side of the port, beneath the roller - so if I pick up the left rein, only the left side of the bit lifts. We'll try it out and see how Silver likes it, but I think it might be a great refinement bit for us at our current level. We'll try it out Monday or Tuesday, depending on how my day goes Monday and if I have time to fit Silver in that day.

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Hannah said...

This is a very old post but I thought I would say, I LOVE that bit. I was going to sell my mare because I thought she hated me riding her and just didn't like me. She was lagging, sloppy stride and balking everywhere, making up reasons to spook and generally being hard to mange until I switched from my regular curb to the Futurity bit. I noticed an almost immediate change in her attitude, her steadiness, everything! It's an amazing bit.