Friday, June 26, 2009

Reason for lack of posts

So this obvious lack of posting is not due to a lapse in memory on my part of how to click my fingers across the keyboard (for proof, check out my sister blog) nor is it due to a suddenly-incurred deathly sickness. It is entirely to blame upon a blown up car. Yes, that's right: blown up. Or as close as I ever want to be to a blown-up car, anyways. So while my car is stuck in Westlock, we are deciding what to do. Up in High Prairie. It's a long story. I cannot get back down to Airdrie until Tuesday night/Wednesday wee hours of the morning, which definitely involved some calls to some owners, promising I'd work their horses longer than the 30 days so that they would still get the regular time in. Meanwhile I wander about the hotel room and with Aly, our pup, and investigate cars to possibly purchase down in Calgary. One thing good: the market right now is in the buyer's favour for sure. So, as soon as we get back we are in the desperate hunt for a new car/light truck, whilst working a minimum of 5 horses (preferably 6), fitting Silver and Koolaid's feet in with the farrier (Thursday 11am - Silver's getting front shoes for the purpose of the parade), and preparing for the Stampede Parade - in addition to riding in it. I foresee a week of absolutely no sleep. Some people get all the luck. See y'all at the next posting, sometime next week hopefully. Might have to do a few catch-up posts after the fact (time dependent), but we'll see. For now, enjoy the lack of demand to read this blog.

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