Wednesday, December 2, 2009


First half of my afternoon was spent showing Koolaid to an instructor interested in leasing him (we'll call her CS). She would like him for herself - just for pleasure riding, some trail riding, and low jumping, as well as for some of her students if possible. She really treated Koolaid well and rode well on him, so I did not feel I would have any problem with her allowing students up there - I am sure she will ensure her students show the same respect and appreciation towards Koolaid that she did. She would also take over all expenses, it would be a long-term lease (say a year or more), and she is fine with not being able to use any training aids on him. The only thing is that he would be going approx. 2 hours north of here, but I think I can live with that since I work out of that area and he is going to a good home where he will be used and loved. So fingers crossed it works out for everyone then!

The latter part of my afternoon was spent riding Link and allowing a rider interested in riding him for the winter to try him out. I showed her (we'll refer to her as JM) a little of the groundwork we usually do, warmed him up under-saddle, and showed her what he was capable of (well, some of it). He was a little stiff yet to his left, but almost has it sorted out. He was quite relaxed, tracked up quite nicely on several occasions (I felt some fab extended trot, with none of his running away from the extension!!), and was giving me not only excellent leg yields, but also some very quality changes in bend along a straight line. I did ask him to canter before we had really done sufficient preparation, but he did well anyhow (though he was a little excited and quite hollow through the trot leading into the canter after the first shot at a canter to the right). Second try he picked up the correct lead to the right and first try he picked up the correct lead to the left. He was a little quick around the arena and not quite as collected as I would have liked, however it was fine given the situation and such. JM then took him and just did a little walk and trot on him to try him out. She seemed to treat him well also and to dote on him, which is what he deserves :) I think Link fell in love with her after she brought and gave him an apple, haha. So, good workout today, and perhaps we have also found a good rider for Link! Fingers crossed again. Lesson (Link and I) tomorrow, JM returning Friday (provided she decides to ride him for the winter) to try Link out once more.

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