Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome to the Great COLD White North...

As I sit up in Grande Prairie waiting for the rig I am to be responsible for (medically speaking) to start -38 weather (day temps including windchill - brrrr!)...I thought I'd spin a quick update.

Koolaid - has been leased out for certain. I had one individual willing to lease him, but a couple of hours north of us. The girl did not get back to me before I had to leave for work either, so we weren't sure if she agreed to the lease terms and thus opted to allow someone else to lease Koolaid instead (someone who was super serious and got the lease in to me asap). This woman, A, is doing a long-term lease on him and will be using him not only for pleasure riding and lessons for her boyfriend and their kids, but also as a dressage mount for herself until she eventually purchases something Grand Prix worthy. So I will keep you, my friends, updated as I check in on him or am updated myself. I think this will be a good temporary home for him where he will be loved and enjoyed! I am also concerned enough about the potential for arthritis in that previously-injured leg in the future that I want him used regularly, which he will be here.

Link - has an official rider now (she signed the waiver and it now sits in my hot little paws, so I consider her "official" now, haha), so, same as Koolaid, I wil update as I am updated. JM, as I will refer to her, is going to ride Link some but also take lessons on him with K, my instructor, which is bonus fantastic because then I know he is ridden well (though obviously I think he will be anyway!). I think Link will be happy with my choice :)

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