Thursday, December 3, 2009

Negotiations...and back-tracking

Link's lesson didn't go all that well today unfortunately - he was tense and anxious almost the entire time! ARG! My instructor K attributed it to his being ridden by two different riders this past week. I agree that it was partially that and I think also that the fact I didn't get a good session in on him to really work on suppling the left side contributed as well. Also, he is getting fitter and thus more energetic. He was quite tense on the left rein and heavy and leaning on that side. We tried everything and although some of it worked some of the time, we couldn't fully fix it. We got some good canter on the correct lead on either rein though! He was okay over the trot poles, but didn't do as well as he had last lesson. Some tracking up, some good work in general, but he just wasn't there and making the progress he has been the last few sessions. Ah well, next time. I will try to ride him Sunday but will for sure ride Monday and perhaps have a lesson Tuesday.

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