Saturday, September 19, 2009

Days spent slacking

While they boys will/are, anyways. They had both today and yesterday off and will have the next four days off as well, to slack, until I return!

Yesterday was spent cleaning up a grazing pasture as best I could so the boys could graze in it (which they seemed happy to do - there's tons of long grass in this area!) and cleaning house!

Today I headed back home with the SO, Matt, early in the morning to enjoy Keith Urban and the Tragically Hip in concert over the weekend ;) I'll be back next Wednesday.

Oh, one last, interesting note - I found it really great to find another denotation of Cody's and my progress, to a) have not had any watery manure for awhile now (not once since I have been working him out in Tomahawk) and b) he has even pooped a couple of times now under-saddle, over our last two sessions out riding! Something so simple, yet showing a lot of progress with Cody; he finally feels comfortable and relaxed sufficiently to poop while under-saddle, and his sympathetic system obviously isn't rocking out so much anymore when he is around me that his manure turns watery! Like I said, something so simple, but change is definitely about in the little guy! On that note, he has been allowing me to walk up to him loose in the pasture and pet his hindquarters and/or barrel, which is another step in the right direction!

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