Sunday, September 13, 2009

Headed back out to the ranch

Today the little Gypsy girl was a little easier to “catch” and even allowed me to pick up all four feet as well as rub her everywhere at liberty! I had her walk up to me a few times and left her once she seemed pretty relaxed in my presence. A good end to our 60 days as well!

Missy was the lucky victim of yet another bath and is to the point now where she backs away from the water at first, but after a moment or two stands quietly (without my strangling her down or anything, lol – on a loose rope) while I splash her all over. She’s a quick learner and settles down quickly.

After making my rounds with all the horses around home, I took off for Tomahawk – I can’t express how fantastic it was to see our three boys grazing happily in the pasture by the house!! It was even awesome-er to run out to the pasture, hop on Link’s back, and ride him in from the pasture, through the smaller paddocks and the barn, up to the house and specifically to my truck – all at liberty!

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