Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall is upon us!

Despite heavy rainfall overnight, the day dawned bright and clear - so clear that I had to double-check to make sure it actually rained last obvious evidence was to be found anywhere! It hit I believe 24C today, but with a crisp fall breeze to make sure we couldn't fool ourselves into thinking it was still summer! The trees making a sudden dash for colour change only completed the scene. I think the elements/nature's chess pieces are in league with one another.

Started off the day (well, the horse-related part of it anyways) with one of the best rides I have ever had on Sunny! We spent 20 minutes or so playing about in our redneck arena, including groundwork (that included great - calm - changes in direction), before hitting the fields for a quick jaunt amongst the canola. He trotted out fairly relaxed and walked back just as nicely. His entire attitude was one of much more willingness than usual, even.

Gypsy was pretty flighty but did manage to walk up to me and allow me to rub her all over, which is what we spent all our time doing!

Next up were (mom's) Sonny and Missy - a friend came out and rode Missy (western, in a french link full cheek snaffle) while I rode Sunny (english, in the Parelli cradle bit). Both horses worked excellent as we toured the fields! Missy was a bit reluctant to leave at first and Sonny started the ride out jigging sideways, but by the time we hit the actual trail, both were stepping out nicely. I was pretty proud of both horses - Missy has had a good week and a half (?) off from under-saddle work, and Sonny probably hasn't been ridden in at least a good month, plus I neglected to do any groundwork beforehand, yet both did very well. It was fantastic just to relax and hit the trails! It was pretty neat though - I could feel Sonny lifting his back and working in a nice frame (without leaning on my hands) throughout and at a couple of points, he took the impulsion he wanted to use to go forward (up hills) and - since I wasn't letting him into a trot, went up with it, which resulted in a very springy walk with a lot of suspension. It was so neat!

All in all, a good day! One more day of work with Sunny and Gypsy tomorrow (after which Sunny will be finished his days), a stop in at Spruce Meadows to check out a bitless bridle down there, and a stop in to trim Missy's feet (and work her), and I'll be back off to Tomahawk to be back with my boys!

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