Monday, September 21, 2009

Horse doctors

Yesterday was my first look at Missy's leg, which seemed to be perhaps slightly smaller, but still stocked was our vet appointment with Dr. Matson (who was fantastic, btw) of Moore and Co.

The big mare took maybe 10 minutes to load but was pretty good to trailer - and she was a blast at the vet's!! She stood still and quiet through everything we threw at her: walking through strange barns and past new horses, walking into stocks (twice), having a hind leg clipped (her first time with clippers), having IV shots, being worked on by strange people, ultrasound, x-rays (twice, one machine went down), etc etc. I was quite proud, to say the least! We started off with an x-ray, thinking the splint bone could be possibly broken - it wasn't. X-rays were completely clean, so we moved on to ultrasound. Tendons, ligaments, everything - fine. No foreign bodies. Lots of edema, however - you could see pockets of it everywhere. The vets finally surmised that, for whatever reason (likely lack of movement on Missy's part), the leg is just simply stocked up with fluids - pretty minor. No major involvements, and she should make a full recovery. She is on antibiotics and another drug to help tighten up the leg, but should be fine with exercise! I was pretty relieved to hear that the injury remains very minor and that there is really nothing wrong with the leg. The vet gave us the full go-ahead to work her as usual (including canter), especially since she isn't, and never has been, lame.

Big Miss was alright to load afterwards (took someone shoo-ing her in behind), but was pretty temperamental in the trailer itself (but only after a lot of time spent waiting!)...turns out she is in heat as well! Bonus. *ahem* erm, yea, maybe not. Haha. Anyways, we got her home and immediately I took her out for some groundwork and under-saddle work. Both went absolutely fabulous, with lots of impulsion (guess she just needed to put that busy mind to use!!) and some really great w/t/c and collection. We finished the day with a bath (which she stood quietly for) and then with her standing very nicely to have her feet done (half asleep, actually, hehe), despite plenty of "busy-ness" around the barn area.

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