Monday, October 19, 2009

Cody: liberty video

Just a quick update of today's goings-ons. Brief because I need my sleep and I am finally packed up and ready to go up to Edmonton tomorrow for a new job. Unfortunately today I didn't get back from Red Deer until later and only had time today to check in on the boys :S

seemed maybe slightly better (health-wise) today, but definitely no worse (and very perky!) and he had been I turned him out. I am pretty sure he is fine :) He seemed pretty keen on taking off once I had him in his pasture, but he actually took a couple of moments to visit with me after I removed the halter before walking off, rather than spurting off like I expected (and like he acted, lol)!! I hardly dare to say it, but I think he might be coming around and turning a new leaf!

I had removed Cody's halter yesterday and although he initially walked off today, after I pushed him away from me he turned back around and walked right back up to me, allowing me to rub his head, etc! He was slightly suspicious still, but definitely enjoyed the rub, especially when I hit a sweet spot under his jaw, lol.

The following is a video of Cody's and my liberty work yesterday! As I said yesterday, he wasn't as in tune with me yesterday as he had been the day prior, but he was still fantastic to work with! As you can see, any time he decided he'd rather not work with me (like when his buddies walked past us to his pen, lol), I pressured him off, then whenever he decided he wanted to come in (for the most part), I let him in to create more draw. It's a delicate balance and I am still working on things with him, trying to balance draw and drive, but we're getting there :)

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