Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lazy horses

Well, I guess if people can have lazy days, so can horses, but MAN it can be annoying! Missy wasn't entirely sharp on the ground (though she did do everything I asked) but I neglected to really take conscious note and address it: big mistake! In the saddle, Missy was more relaxed than the past couple of sessions...uh, maybe too relaxed. She was pretty responsive at first but gradually lost all impulsion. To the point where I had to dismount or risk being frustrated, lol. We were working a lot on leg yields and pushing her into a bend (via leg) into the outside rein, but every time that I pushed her into the outside rein, I could just feel all the energy draaain away. So I'd work on impulsion, and she'd go straight (ie. straighten her body) on me! Arg!! She did do well overall and she was trying though, so I have to give her some credit. After dismounting, I made sure to be super assertive though and play some circling (lots of changes in direction and transitions!) and driving game. She seemed to still look sluggish, but she responded very sharply and quickly nonetheless. Obviously it just wasn't one of her days, partially perhaps because she wasn't all that inspired in the indoor arena. I'll probably give her tomorrow off, then just do some work in the western saddle and rope hackamore, building impulsion and such, next session. I'd also like to just take her out for a trail ride, likely Sunday (which gives her 5 works this week), to help keep her mind fresh, prior to putting her back into the arena for the next few sessions. I think she needs some fun stuff to do to motivate her :)

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