Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 1 back home

First official day back home!

This is going to be brief because I am feeling so tired I could cry. Or just berate someone over nothing. Man I get grumpy when I'm tired. But I have to stay up and wait for the laundry to finish, so I had might as well report on the day's activities so as to stay awake. Not much presence of mind going on here, so bear with me ;)

Missy was pretty excitable when I first brought her in, but she did well at her groundwork and even better under-saddle! We did primarily walk work, with some trot. Sidepass (both via use of the wall and not), turns on the fore and hind (excellent, and no head tossing when I used the outside rein!), back-up, leg yield (not smooth and fluid yet, but getting there), use of the outside rein (she's almost fully got it), and a little collection refinement. Patterns (point to point, figure-8's, transitions), the whole shebang. She did well and was very willing!

I thought Link would be quite the handful (and he was while tied!), but he was very focused with his groundwork (including extensions of the games) and under-saddle as well! I used a lot of my knew savvy from the Parelli DVD's I recently watched, which I think really made a difference! A lot of walk and jog with this guy, including tons of transitions (then more transitions) and changes in pace within the jog to balance him onto his hind end and further develop his collection. All the trot work seemed to also improve our walk - he loosened right up, relaxed, and extended his walk easily; it was nice! He was utterly fantastic - completely relaxed, complete partner. My only qualm - that we worked on, was that when he dropped his poll and flexed, he wasn't straight. He wasn't leaning on my hands, but his head was not dropped straight down; he was instead a little crooked in his neck and head (I hope that explanation all made sense, lol). I could get him straight, but not consistently, so we'll work more on it...and maybe we'll figure out some new solutions in our dressage lessons as well. First one is this Friday - I'm pretty excited!! It's been awhile since I've had a lesson, and I think my seat and horses could use it! Man, for some eyes on the ground...

I checked in on Cody afterwards, but that was all I had time for. We spent a minute or two of buddy time before it was back home for me ;)

Aaaand it's time for some zzz's for me, as I hear the washer is now done. Tada!

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