Friday, October 2, 2009

Missy 3/3 aka back to the boonies

Unfortunately, Missy 3/3 did not happen. I ended up caught up late in Calgary, much to my dismay, and so did not have the time to work Missy before taking off to make an appointment in Red Deer :( I should be able to work her 3-4 days straight though when I return home, the way I have arranged things. Hopefully October can be a bit more consistent for her until we get her sold (hopefully by the end of October – I know, a little far-fetched when I am in and out of town so much, but it has to happen).

Just arrived at the ranch this evening (too late to ride, unfortunately) and although I forgot my pillow (a huge downer for me, since my neck – in terrible shape – depends on it to stave off migraines) and my house cell phone charger, I am pretty excited to be here! I am sad to see it come to an end but am excited though to get in some final good, long rides. I am excited for the new job I am commencing that will allow for a show season next year and thus Link’s and my progression, and that will allow for other opportunities. I am excited to finally have some lessons lined up, and the appropriate saddle to help me out. Heck, I’m even excited for the new (albeit cheap) camera I purchased to help my goldfish memory remember all these great moments and the beautiful country both here and in the mountains I'll be riding in Thanksgiving weekend. I am one lucky duck, and I have to give thanks to Him for everything we have been blessed with.

The boys were up by the house when I arrived; they were all in great shape, as usual, and were happy to receive their grain treat for the night. Cody allowed me to rub him all over pretty easily and with very minimal twitching (lol). Weather permitting, I would like to take Cody out for a long ride tomorrow, to see if we can find that camera I lost. So far, it is nippy out – that fall crisp that feels refreshing but reminds you that winter is sneaking its way in (don’t you dare!) - but no snow yet! So I’m gonna try to get as much riding in as possible while the good weather lasts.

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