Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ranch photos

And behold the much-promised photos! Starting backwards. Erm, in time, that is. Sorry, but it is too late at night (or early in the morning?) to be organising photos, so you'll just have to enjoy these as is: "backwards through time" (well, and a little mixed up too), hehe. I returned home from the ranch and my camping (well, we stayed in a lodge!) trip in the mountains with well over 1,100 photos, so obviously these are just a select few! The ranch is composed of 7 quarter sections: two up by the house, another about 2km down the road and by a main road (where the main set of corrals sit), and the last 4 another 2km from the main set of corrals (4km from the house).

The boys comin' in for some morning grub

Down the creek that runs through the property at the house

One of many beaver dams and lodges along the creek

A small pond along the creek, up by the house

Now that's what I call loading! Three horses self-loaded into a two-horse step-up stock trailer - yes, even the once-hard-to-load Link. Cody stepped right up and is tied at the front. Link's rope is looped through a ring up there but he can back out at any time (and he knows it, though he politely waited for me to ask him to back out). Silver obviously is not tied - his leadrope is slung over his back; but I told him to stay there, so stay there he will ;) Atta boys, you've learnt well!

Just down the road from the ranch, last day at the ranch ("homeward-bound day") and first day of snow!

All three boys were feeling their oats come first day of winter (where did fall disappear to anyways?!)...Link (the instigator, haha) playing in the snow

Yes, I tie my horses to trees when trees are available and hitching rails are not. Cody standing pretty after one of our rides.

Yup, the future-jumper-current-dressage-horse even got to go western! Not once, but several times! Hehehe...

Aly our Dobie tearing through the long grass on one of the quarter sections 4km down the road from the house (I am on Cody)
I just love these old homes...I love imagining how life used to be, what it must have been like back in those days (on Cody again, on one of the 1/4 sections 4km from "home")

Same as above - on Cody, on one of the 4 quarter sections 4km from base

Last day at the ranch prior to returning home! Woke up to a snowy sky and blizzard alternating with light-to-no snowfall. The snow turned everything into an absolutely beautiful wonderland.

Well, I had wanted to take at least one of the boys out today, but spent the day packing instead. Took a lot longer than I had anticipated, lol (apparently I had a lot more stuff up there than I had realised, hehe). All three loaded great, despite all the kerfuffle (running trucks, people running about, snow falling, etc). I had decided on taking Koolaid and Cody into the mountains, so upon returning home and to one of the boarding facilities we had to unload Silver and load Koolaid onto the end, then unload all three horses (Cody, Link, Koolaid) at the indoor riding facility for the night. Tomorrow, we hit the mountains!

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