Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another day at the office...

All hell breaking loose...or about to, give or take 15 minutes...

I find it amusing that as soon as I head out to the horses, the clouds start building, and as soon as I am finished, the terrible rainstorm quits. Brilliant. Yesterday we even had flash flooding. I put up some youtube videos today of my work with Sunny and Twist (just a portion of it)...I'm going to try to keep the videos updated! I'd like to get some recent shots of Link up as well, but we'll see (without a cameraman it's hard sometimes, lol).

I started with the painted kid, who, I recently discovered, normally does act studly at times (such as around mares). I'm not sure if he was gelded late, but that would explain some of his behaviour! He's uber reactive at times, but will also (really) challenge my authority at other times. In the video (above) you can see it a bit. Today he did fairly well though - his ground games were mostly excellent. He was a little more thinking today and thus had great changes in direction for the most part (using the squeeze game) and his sideways was better than on previous occasions. His circling game was alright but his changes in direction at the circling game were a little reactive (and with a little attitude). His cinching up today was a little better however (no humping his back) and he was much better in the improvised "roundpen" (oh, to have my own facilities! hahaha) today - no bucking! Oh, and no fearing for my life. That's a good thing, lol. He was actually calm enough for me to actually sit in the saddle today, after testing his reaction out by stepping up in the stirrup. Don't think I didn't say a little prayer though before getting up in that saddle though! Anyways, he was calm and relaxed...I was even tempted to walk him out under-saddle but restrained myself in case it was too much for him. Last thing I need is for big paint to explode.

I actually convinced her to walk up to me a few times, eventually to the point where I could catch her. Of course, this was with the help of a pen, and specifically, a corner in said pen, lol. I worked with her until she would allow me to rub her anywhere before turning her loose again. Progress, albeit slow!

Note the leadrope on the ground...safe when a horse with prior and proper preparation - who will (and did) calmly stop, mull over the situation, and "unstick" himself

My little Mustachio man was fantastic today! He was a little reactive still and tense, but relaxed as the session progressed. I posted a video of his games up on youtube (above). You can see his tension especially when I ask him to do turns on the hind and he moves a little quicker than I'd have liked. Under-saddle though he was fantastic! Much more relaxed and supple than usual, with straightness (rather than bending to the outside on the left rein) and bend!! We did some circles, transitions (walk/halt), turns on the haunches and forehand, back-up and sidestep before calling it a day. He did great and so I wanted to end on a good note and also the slippery ground prevented us from doing too much more work.

The big yellow tank was great today! All her ground games went fabulicious and her under-saddle work was equally great. Walk/trot/halt transitions, circles, figure-8's (some excellent collection!), turns on the haunches/forehand - all the while with Koolaid in the background screaming for his mare to return and as the sky opening up on us with thunder and RAIN! No one likes working in the rain, in-heat mares inclusive, lol. Yet she still worked hard for me and remained focused - I was very proud of her! We'll be working hard this week, as I've got a prospective buyer possibly taking a look at her next week.

The pup calling it quits in the backseat of the vehicle

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