Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little of nothing

Not much has been happening around here as of late, as I have been gearing up for a visit to Ontario. Twist has hit the mountains with his owner, and Gypsy's been turned out with Sunny. Missy's had a bit of groundwork done, but honestly not much extreme (particularly not in the 30C weather!). I will get back to work on everyone when I return late next week - we'll be back to rigid schedules! I worked with Link on the 45' line the other day but honestly he had way too much energy for his own good (which resulted in some liberty time for him, which he used tearing about the arena, snorting and blowing madly, hahaha). We did finish the groundwork with his doing the Figure-8 around the barrels at the trot 45' away from me though! He looked a little off to my eye though (reminder: he was trimmed too short by the farrier two weeks ago) and he became increasingly so under-saddle, so our work under-saddle was cut short within minutes. The good part about my being away at least is that he should be sound for work by the time I return. Today I did a little groundwork (7 games, figure-8 at the trot, serpentine at the trot) prior to hopping up at liberty. He did ignore my cues at first (he was quite happy as a clam with following mom about on her horse, Sonny, as I gave her a lesson), but pretty quick he started to tune into me. Soon he was (at liberty) backing when I asked, pivoting on the hind end, doing patterns we hadn't done in months - he was brilliant! Needless to say, I was excruciatingly proud of him. I do believe I foresee more liberty work on the agenda? When I return!

Well, off to Ottawa tomorrow, back in a little over a week!


Savannah said...

I miss you already and I KNOW you havent left yet...

..i have to say your blog today is a lot shorter than i expected, i was expected a book..or at least a small novel..

have a good trip, take lots of pictures and when in doubt ask your self..what would jesus do?

Equus said...

Jesus said he'd take lots of photos of flowers. I took a good million and a half ;)

Look back later today and you'll find a longer blog, OR check out my other blog for longer blogs, lol.

Luv, the RS.