Monday, July 6, 2009


Okay, quick post because I need some sleep. I know I always say that and then write a novel, but I mean it this time!

Today I was awokened by dark clouds - another muggy day, ugh. Unfortunately, thanks to a number of phone calls and a whole long list of "to-do's", I was caught up until early afternoon before I could work with the horses. At which time, the heavens opened their gates and promptly flooded the area. I'm told a huge thunderstorm is headed our way?? What's with that? Isn't that what we got today? Complete with flooding? Heck, I almost drowned on my short trip from the vehicle to the pharmacy. I felt like a drowned rat, and must have looked it too, because as I tromped past the make-up-counter-girl, she asked me if "that" happened from my vehicle to the store, indicating the flood of water running off my forehead. Yup. As a result, I could only work Link today, who is the only horse at an indoor arena. Tomorrow I'll have more time in the morning and so will try to get everyone worked before (or if - the weather network claims I'm safe, but the radio station speaks of disaster weather storms headed our way - someone is lying to me, lol!) another storm hits. Yesterday, a tornado touched down in Red Deer, even. So, back to the topic.

I expected Link to be fairly high-strung, and he was somewhat, but settled down nicely with me once I allowed him some "Link" time. When I brought him in he immediately took to shivering - violently. I felt pretty bad, so gave him a quick brush-over before taking him into the arena for some groundwork to warm him up. Well there was no concentrating the big man, so I eventually turned him loose. He promptly tore about the arena in a near-flawless replication of Red Deer's tornado. Round, and round, and round...all full speed ahead. Eventually he pranced up to me to shove his nose in my chest, and we got down to work (by this time, he was warm too, which definitely helped him focus). His games were excellent, though I only worked him on the 12', but I threw in all sorts of additions to the circling game - changes in direction, traveling circle, transitions, canter on 24' of circle, etc. He did great, including phase 1 at the porcupine game! He was a little ancy to get going while being tacked up, but worked fabulously under-saddle. We did all our usual and while he wasn't quite as responsive to my leg today, we accomplished a lot (even leg yield) - progression towards collection (circles and patterns), transitions (trot to halt), canter (super laid-back, particularly on the right rein), work on shoulder-in/haunches-in, etc. He was brilliant and very calm and relaxed - I was very pleased with him! Having to buy the new truck has put a bit of a damper on our finances so I'll have to wait a month or so to get into some lessons, but I'd like to aim Link towards a few schooling shows this year, at the very least...fingers crossed it becomes possible :)

Okay, off to bed. I'm not one of those bright-eyed-bushy-tailed people after no sleep - I need my beauty rest! This week's gonna be a long one...

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