Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another short day...thanks Mother Nature...

Another day of horses, albeit a short one again thanks to Mother Nature, *sigh*. This time, a hail storm! Why can't we have our wet season in May, as opposed to June?? Note to self: the time it takes for a storm to get to you so as to - conveniently - rain you out is inversely proportional to the amount of time you will need to work all the horses. I swear, it looked far off, yet there I was, once again working horses in the rain. Yay. Hear the enthusiasm in my voice.

The little black mare was my first student today and she did alright! I had to move her to the smaller pen to catch her, but she was better to catch today than yesterday (though I still had to corner her of sorts). Just spent a few minutes rubbing her down before turning her loose once more. I did catch her again before I opened the smaller pen up and she was alright once again (and she didn't spurt away afterwards as fast as she normally does). I really don't understand though, all our sessions thus far have encompassed spending a little one-on-one time, doing - that's right, nothing (in the grand scheme of things). Yet she still runs away! She will not even eat if I'm standing too near. Why's this wall been so difficult to tear down with her? Has something happened to her in the past? Or is it simply that she's never been handled before? Buah. It seems like so much more than simply not being handled sufficiently. At least she is making progress, even if it is slow.

I had quite the trouble catching the big paint boy today, it took several minutes and a nice shiny corner. So, rather than doing any saddle work, we just did our 7 games in the pasture before turning him loose. The Right-brain Introvert was reactive as usual but he was better today, and it was good to end on a good note after just a short session re-cementing basics with him, hopefully it helps me catch him easier tomorrow!

By the time I was finished with Sunny, the clouds were really rolling in and thunder was booming, so Twist and I were restricted to a ground session as well. He wasn't so keen on being caught though either, so it was probably for the best anyways. Whether because of the incoming storm or his newfound freedom (he's in a new pasture), Mustachio was a little reactive, but we got through all 7 games nicely and called it a day (as the skies started opening up on us) when he was all cucumber-ish cool and relaxed.

No time for anyone else - I threw all my tack in the truck to race homeward-bound to escape the hail. Turns out it wasn't golf-ball sized, but here you never know - better to get out of it safely before your vehicle is destroyed than to sit around and see! Plus, no horse is all that happy about working in that weather - it's probably one of the worst ways to build rapport and partnership (lol), though I do work in adverse weather often anyway. Not to mention that I don't like working in that type of weather - hail hurts! So does lightning. Not that I really know, I've never been struck before, I'm just assuming here. *ahem*. But I'd kinda like to keep it that way (minus being struck by lightening, I mean). Thanks weather network, for telling me it probably wouldn't rain until evening.

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