Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dental visit

Today Missy had a vet appointment to have her teeth floated and since it was easier to load her if Koolaid came along, we also brought him along as well ;) Oh, and then of course the vet clinic had an emergency that put them behind schedule, so we had to wait quite awhile (an hour) before we were seen to, lol. Murphy's Law, right?

Koolaid was first up and while he had a few sharp edges, he had no sores on his cheeks or tongue, no waves, no major sharp edges, etc, so the vet felt it optional to do his teeth. Koolaid's teeth have not been actually done in at least five years, a testament to there being a variety of factors that contribute to a horse's teeth needing being done (ie, husbandry, genetics, etc) and that a horse's teeth do NOT necessarily automatically need to be done every 6-12 months. The vet had recommended he either be done now and then would be fine for another few years, or we leave it another year. I opted for choice #1, that way it is over and done with for awhile.

I was actually quite pleased - the vet went over with me how some horses do need their teeth done yearly (as I have always been taught - some vets have even recommended I take our horses in twice yearly!), but that some horses, just as some humans with the perfect set of teeth, just don't need to be done that regularly (Koolaid and Missy are such examples). They don't develop waves, hardly develop points, and their teeth stay in great general shape. I asked about feeds and their effect on teeth, but he told me that there is so little research out there concerning equine dental health that we do not know yet the effects of various types of feed. Teeth requiring to be done though likely depend on a variety of factors.

Missy's teeth were the same as Koolaid's actually - needing to be done in about a year, but not causing her any discomfort right now. Since that was my main concern - her comfort during work, I opted not to have her teeth done this year, as she (hopefully) won't be sticking around all that long. I can't say how appreciative I was that the vet took the time out to check her mouth and see if she even needed doing! He pointed out she still had her wolf teeth, and asked me if I wanted them removed. I opted against that as well at this time, since she doesn't seem bothered by their presence thus far.

The vet and his tech were quite impressed with both horses' structures, particularly Missy (everyone falls in love with this mare, now if only someone will buy her! Hahaha. I guess I should advertise her first, lol). I wasn't sure how my big TOAM was going to do with all the noise from the drill and such, but she was fantastic with everything throughout, even the men doing construction on the barn. She loaded to and from the vet clinic without a problem either - booya! She still needs some finishing, but she's on the right track and just about ready for sale. Tomorrow's work with her: leg aids. Actually tomorrow, everyone is in my books. I want to put two more days on everyone to complete their set of 30 days. Then they (Sunny and Gypsy) start their August 30 days!

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