Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update: day off

Well actually for a day "off" I didn't work all that hard with horses, and unfortunately - what with all my running around today, Missy just didn't get a work in. So it has to be nose to the grindstone with her henceforth! Finally though I will actually have the time to do so; I finally found two trucks that we will decide between tomorrow, so after tomorrow I won't be "wasting" time looking for vehicles and I'll have more time for my own horses. Oh, and rest, more time for rest ;) Seems it's so hard to catch up and get in all that needs to be done some days, no matter how hard you try.

When I went out to work with Link and give mom a lesson on Sonny, Link was actually sore on his fronts, presumably from the trim he had on Friday. I am giving her another lesson tomorrow, so I'll bring Link out again to see how he is and to just spend some time chilling with him. My plan is to be up early enough to get most of the horses in before I have to pick up the truck we decide on (one inspection is holding up the decision - after the inspection we'll have made our decision), to include Missy, and then to (as aforementioned) give a lesson to mom and Sonny. I'm actually quite pleased with the lesson we had today; Sonny did very well with mom, though he was a bit "lazy" (read: disrespectful) with her, so I showed her some things we can work on over time with him so that he's better focused on her. Both did very well though; mom seems to be picking up a lot of speed learning.

That's it for today, I'm almost as exhausted as I was last night! For those of you reading The Perfect Horse, I apologize, I will probably write a blog over there tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. After that it should be fairly regular, just I've been absolutely swamped as of late. So much to do in so little time!!

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